Thursday, October 2, 2008

I am a monkey

I am a monkey and I have a laptop that I stole from a boy. He was playing his P.S.P. right outside my cage. He had rather foolishly set his back-pack down right outside my cage. So I nipped over and had a look at his stuff. I well, lets just say I permanently borrowed a couple of things : 1 P.S.P. manual, 1 laptop,2 Gatorades, 1 granola bar, 1 spare pair of underwear, and 1 bottle of water. I'm sharing the laptop with the Chimps & the sloth ( he's a loner)though. We have to share with the Chimps because they threatened to snitch to the Zoo-keeper if I didn't! And the sloth (Who tried to set up my profile by the way) is the only animal nearby with a heater so we had to bribe him into letting us use the outlet that his heater plugs into for power. Whoops! Its already morning. BBIAB

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